Advanced Surfing Techniques


In my Oceanside surfing lessons, I try to give students a glimpse of what they will know if they progress. I also try to advance students as fast as they are capable of learning.

An advanced surfer can do certain maneuvers which he learns as part of a pattern of advancing. An advanced surfer has stamina. He can paddle longer which gives him an opportunity to practice more when in the water.

An advanced surfer can read the waves. He recognizes close outs, can see the patterns as the swells arrive and knows where in the break to catch them.  He knows how to get position in the line up and how to catch the waves he wants to ride.

The first maneuver he wants is to accelerate if he is on a short board. If the wave is not too steep, he is moving the nose of the board up and down the wave face to gain speed and beat the falling lip to get into the pocket.

Then the surfer can decide whether he needs to cut back to get back into the power of a dying wave. He moves his head, shoulders, arms and hands as one unit back toward the lip as his board then follows suit.

If the wave is steep on the take off he rides down the face and at first opportunity does a bottom turn to get to the pocket. Once he gets past the foam of the lip by accelerating, he can do another bottom turn and ride up the face of the lip. He gets low to the water, trails his rear hand, looks to the spot he wants to hit and leans his body into the face.

At the top he rotates his eyes, head, shoulders, arms and hands as one unit back to the bottom of the wave to torque his board into a rip of the lip.

Advanced surfers understand etiquette and follow it. The surfer taking off nearest the apex of the wave has the right of way. Having fun and coming out safe is at the top of everyone’s goals.

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