Surf Lessons Oceanside

Surf Lessons in Oceanside at Pier.  Surf Lessons  for individuals, doubles, three, and up to five at the Pier in Oceanside. Surf Lessons give beginning to advanced techniques for people of all ages from 7 years old.

Teaching Every Day All Year Around.

Hi Mark!
“The lesson was GREAT, we really enjoyed it! Thanks for a great experience and the materials you sent via email!”AAA
Nadia & Marino  9/6/16
“My kids can’t stop talking about how much fun it was to go surfing. Thanks again for the fun!” 
J. Jacobs 10/18/16

Mark’s Surf Instruction.   All Private Lessons, Singles to Groups. We meet North of the Pier at Life Guard Tower 2. 

760-696-7149   Mobile Number, call anytime.

Recommended by Trip Adviser, Local Surf Shops and Hotels. 9 Years Instructing in Oceanside; Licensed by the City of Oceanside. Insured.

Surf Lessons at 4 Times a Day:  quebec

 1> 10:30 a.m. 2> Noon  3> 2 p.m.  4> 4:00 p.m. 

I supply the Surf Boards. Get wet suits at Asylum (below)

 Call 760-696-7149   Mark Kaplan Owner/Instructor

(For two or more people, it is the total price, not each)

One Person     One Hour  $60,  1- 1/2  Hours $80, Two Hours $100

Two People       One Hour $80,  1- 1/2  Hours $100, Two Hours $120

Three People    One Hour $100,  1- 1/2 Hours $120, Two  Hours $140

Four People     One Hour   ($140),  1-1/2  Hours ($160) and  2 hours ($180)

Five People      $40 each for 1 1/2 hours ($200),   2 hours ($220)

Two Days of LessonsOne Hour Each Day$120 for one person, $160 for two persons, $200 for three 3 (1)

Three Days of Lessons-  One Hour Each Day-  $180 for one person, $240 for Two, and $300 for 3 persons

Four Days of Lessons- One Hour Each Day- $240 for one person, $320 for two persons, $400 for three persons

Five Days of Lessons- One Hour Each Day- $300 for one person, $400 for two persons, and $500 for three persons.

I start most people on a 9′ board . You’ll be glad you did it. In lesson series I reduce size to 8′ and use 8′ for kids.

Lessons at 10:30 a.m., noon, 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Surf Lesson Payment Page

I am Licensed by the City of Oceanside

I supply the Boards. Wet Suits are $10 for three hours  at Asylum (310 Mission Ave.760-722-7101) 2 blks from beach and lessons at Life Guard Tower 2 ( 500 feet North of the Pier. )  Need Credit Card and I.D. Warning: Check back zipper when renting wet suits at Asylum. 


Hi Mark!
Thank you again!  The boys fell in love with surfing!  D. Herzic, Ill.

Diana Craddock Cowan also commented on her status.
Diana wrote: “Mark you were the BEST instructor too! I am so thankful that we were able to meet you – and take lessons from you! You really made our day! “

“Most awesome day of my life and the best instructor possible…” Frank Berner, Pittsburg

“Awesome lesson, you rock”  Jeshua Frederick, AZ

“I’m so glad my kids had you instead of those other guys..”  Jim Vigil, WA

Call me to reserve a time.  760-696-7149  PST  Mark Kaplan owner, instructor. Mobile Number.

“I’ve read and watched so many on-line tutorials and I’ve gotta say your book is the coolest, most succinct and comprehensive I’ve seen. So good!” A. Parker, OR.

80 page Illustrated eBook, Surf Instructions Beginner to Advanced. It will take you from the basic fundamentals through advanced surfing.   $8.62

Download the 17 page Learn to Surf Guide   $1.   A necessary start if you are learning on your own.

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