New Surfers Pick Up Bad Habits


When I am teaching Surf Lessons in Oceanside, I often get students that tried first on their own or haven’t surfed in a while. Many times they say they know how to surf but need Best Surf Pictures 006some guidance.

Most of the time, what they have accomplished is getting into bad habits. One student recently said he was having problems timing waves to catch them. My suspicions turned out to be true because the causes are usually the same.

First, the student was working on too small a board for his skill and experience level. Beginners under 180 pounds shouldn’t be on anything smaller than an 8′ soft top board. Heavier students should use a bigger board.

Secondly, this student had problems with his pop up technique. He was stepping up instead of popping which causes problems in the water. Then when we went to the water, I saw he was putting a knee on the board first. This is fatal if you weigh more than 70 pounds.

So, I had to correct the stepping up instead of popping and eliminate the knee action. Then we had to work on getting his feet in the right position. Finally we had to get both hands in front of his body so that he was properly postured over the board and then get him to stand with knees bent but upright with the balance equal on both legs.

Its a lot to do and students get out of form easily. This student’s wave timing was actually excellent but he could never ride a wave because his fundamentals were lacking.


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