Getting Your Feet Right on the Surf Board


When I teach new students in Oceanside Surf Lessons, I take them through the basics that end in having your feet right on the board. Secondly, your hands or basically shoulders have to be right as well.DSCF1747

The first fundamental is balance and position on the surf board. You have to be far enough back toward the tail so the board does not pearl (nose first into the water) when you take off on a wave. Secondly, the body has to be perfectly balanced over the midline of the board so the board does not tip over taking off on the wave.

The pop up (going prone to standing) has to be smooth so the balance of the board is not upset. Then the feet have to be properly placed in the pop up so the front foot is in the middle of the surf board and past the mid line of the distance from nose to tail. The rear foot has to be flat on the board near the tail so that the feet are at least shoulder width apart.

The hands control the shoulders and you want the back shoulder towards the front of the body and not in a 180 degree line front to back along the surf board. The shoulders should be facing front and the hands can control this. If the hands are visible to the surfer, his shoulders are probably forward. Best Surf Pictures 006

Kids cannot do a legitimate pop up so I tell them just to get to their feet and wind up in the proper stance. Their weight allows them to crawl up on the board and if they don’t upset the balance in the process they wind up in the proper stance and ride the board to the beach.

Keeping the knees bent, eyes and head forward, hands in front, front foot angled forward, back foot perpendicular to the rails, will help the student ride the board.


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