Beginner Surfers Get Tuned Up with Lessons


Many of my Surf Lessons in Oceanside are to people who have tried it on their own or have been surfing a while and just not getting it. Its is always the fundamentals. It would be hard to write a letter if you did not know the Best Surf Pictures 006alphabet. It is hard to surf if you are not mastering the beginning essentials.

Surfing is very difficult most new students say. That is until they learn the few secrets and then all of a sudden it is not so difficult. Some students I tell what to do and they can translate it to their body and do it instantly. Others can spend a whole hour not being able to execute.

A first requirement of surfing is some strength and flexibility. You need to be able to lift your body off the board from a prone to standing position. You need to have flexible muscles in quads, buttocks, and lower back. This is more of a challenge for adults who are desk bound.

Three elements for fundamentals. Feet have to be back far enough on the board so you don’t pearl (nose of board into the water). This is complemented by paddling with the chin held high to keep the board nose up. You have to paddle balanced on the board so the nose is always level.

The difficulty with catching waves for most is they don’t paddle long enough. There must be a gene that says pop up as soon as the wave hits. The secret is to keep paddling until the board is in front of the wave. Then there is plenty of time. The second problem is new surfers think they don’t have time and rush the pop up. You have plenty of time and smoothness is more important than speed.

The major issue is the pop up. Students get up but fall off. The right posture on the board is shoulders facing the beach. Most students having problems are not riding with the shoulder opposite the front foot (front foot forward then we are talking about the right shoulder) pointing toward the beach instead of in a straight line (180 degrees) away from the beach.

If the front foot is in the middle of the board at a slight angle, the shoulders facing the beach, and the hands no higher than the waist in front of the surfer, there will be a stable ride.


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