Why Three Surf Lessons Are Better Than One


When I teach Surf Lessons in Oceanside to vacationers and locals, they usually take one lesson. I can get the average athletic person independent in an hour and a half lesson so they can practice on their own.BottomTurn

What does independent mean? They can balance on their board in the water. They can catch a wave by jumping on the board as it arrives. They can do a reasonable pop up and ride to the beach. That is a lot to accomplish in one lesson and puts them a few months ahead of someone trying to learn on their own.

What is the advantage of more lessons? I often let the new student get on top of the board any way they can if they are unable to do a legitimate surfer’s pop up. At the beginning, not all students have the strength and the muscle training to do the pop up correctly. With a second day’s lesson I can start creating compensations and moving habits to better form and positioning on the board.

It is one thing to pop up and ride the board for a little. It is better to be up and balanced so that you could carve a turn if you wanted. Carving is a second thing we work on the second day. Ride a foam wave in and then pressure the rails so you could ride it at an angle. This preps for riding real waves.

The third thing that students refine on the second and third day are paddling for waves, turning around and catching them. Catching waves is a bigger challenge than most people anticipate and what keeps many people who try on their own from ever standing up on the board.

By the third day, we are working on catching real waves at an angle either on the outside or the inside. Waves break on a good day and roll with a pocket. Waves that break into foam often reform on the inside and create a second opportunity to ride the pocket. Learning to recognize and take advantage of the opportunity opens a window the new student will use forever.

The student also learns the importance of strength and stamina in learning to surf to make the sessions longer. They can decide if they are going to commit to developing the surf specific muscles by being in the water or cross training at home.


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