The Wave Jet Can Make You a Better Surfer


Now when teaching Oceanside Surf Lessons, I give students an opportunity to also demo and rent a Wave Jet  following the lesson. The first lesson teaches water safety, makes students comfortable handling a board in the waves, popping up, and catching waves.

There is a limitation to how many waves a new student can ride because they run out of paddle power or surfing stamina. The sport could easily be called paddling because that is what you 7.1 Wavejetare doing most of the time. Paddling is like swimming. Ask yourself if you could swim for an hour. When you are tired of paddling, you can no longer pop up.

The Wave Jet allows you to return outside to ride waves without having to paddle much and then catch waves without having to paddle much. So, you can increase your learning curve by riding more waves.

Secondly, the Wave Jet (details of a board) shows how important it is to get in front of the waves. Thirdly, once you see how easy it is to pop up when you are in front of the waves, the more you will translate it to your regular board.

The biggest wave catching problem new people have is they refuse to believe you have to be moving before the wave comes, paddle hard when it arrives, and paddle until the board takes off in front of the wave. This is the only way you can pop up. Other than the timing, a lot of students don’t have the necessary specific muscles that would accrue after months of surfing.

So, you improve your surfing with a Wave Jet by riding more waves and increase your paddling stamina by paddling enough in each session to build strength. Otherwise, your surfing progress is slower until you have built paddling stamina to get longer sessions.

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