The Test of Being an Advanced Surfer


When I am teaching Surf Lessons in Oceanside to new students, I am first teaching basic fundamentals that without mastering, you will never ride a wave. It is amazing how difficult it is for students to learn each of them storm750x563and then combine them all to successfully ride a wave.

The elementary principals are balance on the surf board, catching wave properly, popping up into the correct posture, and riding to the beach on a foam wave. Most of my instruction is in the water explaining to students why they didn’t catch a wave, why they didn’t get their pop up and why they fell off the board.

Its tougher than it looks and yet more than 80% of teens and kids get it within an hour and maybe 50% of adults. The problem adults have is they have let their fitness, flexibility, weight, and strength go in the wrong direction while working and raising a family.

Advanced surfers are very flexible. They have good upper body and core strength. Professionals have very strong legs. They have stamina from consistent visits to the water and/or cross training. They catch most of the waves they pursue. They rarely fall off the board. They rarely pearl their board (nose first). And they can maneuver in the waves.

Advanced surfers can catch Oceanside’s 6 foot waves, accelerate in the pocket, do cut backs, and turn their board up the lip to rip it. They are often trying to get barreled which is not easy in Oceanside waves because they rarely hold up long enough.

The size of the wave is really not as important as the above factors, because with the basic skills you can increase the size of the waves you ride when they are available. On lots of beaches, there is not an opportunity to ride big waves that have held shape.

You can become an advanced surfer on three to four foot waves. Getting fit, consistently getting in the water, and advancing your skills a little at a time will get you to the advanced surfer status.


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