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Many more people would be enjoying the sport of surfing if they just took one lesson. In my Oceanside Surf Lessons I find people say they didn’t realize how difficult surfing is and yet without a lesson its almost impossible.Ashley2.410 There are precise techniques that have to be followed and most students get it on the first lesson.

The important requirements are flexibility needed for the pop up. Not being over weight because there is a power to weight ratio that says if you have put on a lot of weight you probably haven’t been exercising. And that’s about it. The sport is physically demanding so you condition dictates how long you can paddle and how long your session will last.

Most people easily last an hour and in an hour we learn a lot. You learn how to balance on your board, handle the board in the waves, learn how to pop up from the prone to standing position, and how to catch waves. Some students in one lesson can paddle out to catch bigger foam waves and even learn to ride real waves.

The difficult for people who don’t take lessons is they don’t know how to position their body on the board, can’t catch waves and can’t do a pop up properly. Most fail if they only try once and after a first time many don’t see the reason to try again.

A lesson gives you the ability to practice properly on your own. Since waves are basically the same everywhere, you can take your practice with you. Surfing gives you a great recreation every time you visit the beach.

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Surf Instructions 

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