Take a Surf Lesson to Refresh Your Techniques


When I am teaching Surf Lessons in Oceanside to new students, I have the opportunity to ensure they are developing the right habits. I correct every ride until they are practicing IMG_7507 (2)ccorrectly.

This last week I have had three lessons and talked to two people who hadn’t surfed in a while or were developing bad habits and needed coaching to get correct. If I don’t surf for even a week, I notice my timing is off. Timing really flows in a oneness with the waves.

If you haven’t surfed for a while, the pop up can disappear. I do five pop ups every morning after my stretching to keep the pop up in tune. In fact, over time, my pop up gets better as my body develops the technique and muscle memory from my living room practice.

When I am teaching new students, I have to remind them there are two timing sequences. There is the pop up sequence which I boil down to a four count: paddle, hands on board, push off, and bring the front foot forward between the hands. Then you can rise to a bent knee low gravity posture.

The second timing sequence is catching waves. You spot the wave, get in position, paddle so you are moving, paddle hard before taking off, and if necessary keep paddling until the wave has the board. Then you go into the first timing sequence of the pop up.

Its no wonder people get out of tune. They especially lose their ability when they have been stretching, practicing pop ups, or doing other exercises to maintain upper body and core strength.

Surfing is a year around activity, even if you are not in the water.


Take Surf Lessons and also learn to Wave Jet, the power paddler, in one two hour lesson


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No trip is complete without starting surf lessons.

And Now you can combine Surf Lessons and Learning to Ride the Wave Jet which is a jet power assisted surf board. Great assist for those not in surf shape but still want to surf.  . Combine a surf lesson and Wave Jet rental.

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