Surfing Requires Correct Practicing


When I am teaching Surfing Lessons to students in Oceanside, the most important part is to get them into the right habits immediately. I correct each ride until students neglect theirDSCF1185 incorrect instincts and conform to the right habits.

Lately, I have had three students doing refresher courses. Even though they had previous lessons, they had forgotten the elementary techniques and their timing was gone. Practicing incorrectly cements the muscle memory into habits that are hard to correct.

The result is failure to ride waves and then comes frustration and quitting. Not riding waves or falling every time takes a lot of energy. It also takes out the fun. Most people have no idea how exacting surfing has to be and sometimes it takes a while in a lesson for them to buy into the fact they will have to concentrate.

You cannot always finesse Mother Nature with your charm and good looks.

I suggest to students and/or their parents that they take a few lessons until they are practicing right and have committed the right habits to muscle memory. This includes three basic steps. They have to automatically get balanced on the board quickly. They have to know the timing of waves and how to get in front of them. They have to know when to pop up and how to do it correctly.

Without each element competently performed, there is no surfing. In lessons, as I move students through the steps, they tend to forget the previous ones. You can’t go to step three and ignore one and two. The student has to give care to perform each one correctly to move on to the next step or there will not be a next step.

I think you are getting the idea. Even kids that weigh 60 pounds can walk up on the board for a pop up, but not if they don’t have the right prone position on the board and wind up in the right posture.


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