Surfing Oceanside for Bucket List or New Sport


The students I teach in Oceanside Surf Lessons want to learn for a variety of reasons.  Some, like the 70 year old man I am teaching now wants to include it in his routine for healthDSCF19211 and because he is moving to Hawaii. Others want to do it on milestone birthdays. Some have dreamed of doing it all their lives.

Parents enroll kids because if they are wake boarders or skiers, surfing should be an easy addition and a great thing to do when visiting Oceanside. I am now renting Wave Jets, as well as teaching surfing or a combo, which is a wake board without a boat.

Most of my students are catching their own waves and surfing in an hour. It beats the two months it takes most beginners to learn on their own. An hour and a half lesson gives students time to practice what they have learned with me coaching and correcting.

A lot of people are “boarders”; they skate board, wake, and snow board, so why not add surf board. The skills and balance are related. Surfing probably requires the greatest fitness and requires the upper body and core strength the other sports do not necessitate.

I add biking to my routine for good cross fit. I would add running too, but a ski injured knee prevents it. A good cardio like running, stair master, or treadmill would complete the cross fit trifecta. If you are in Oceanside, the new Baja Body Athletic Club offers all around low impact better than cross fit training.

Start surfing and add the Nature connection to your life.


See posts for beginners/intermediates at

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