Surfing is a Life Experience


My favorite reward teaching Surf Lessons in Oceanside is when someone says I love this. People learn for a lot of reasons. It has been on a life long bucket list. It marks a milestone like a 45th birthday. People are moving to an island where surfing is available. It seems like a good thing to do at a beach resort. Why not add it to the other 006board sports I love.

It is more difficult than most people imagine. There are techniques that have to be followed that don’t allow a lot of room for creativity. It is physically demanding in that it is tiring and it requires fitness. It is often the biggest thrill people could imagine.

When you think of getting on a board and riding something in Nature it is a concept we have been thrilled with for a few hundred years. It has also become a multi-billion dollar industry. Surfers go into the water when there are few waves just to get wet and sit in the ocean. It is amazing exercise. It is freedom from the phone.

Engaging on a regular basis you learn a lot about yourself. It takes courage, stamina, and commitment. How far will you go? How many obstacles will you overcome? How pleased are you with how you are doing? What would be the best you could do? Are you now calling yourself a surfer?

It is so much more encompassing than my other labels like website designer, biker, craft beer fan, reader, and cook. It is committing my whole body in maybe life and death pursuit of success or failure. It doesn’t get much bigger that that.


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No trip is complete without starting surf lessons.

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