Surfing the Inside Waves from Beginner to Advanced


When I teach Surf Lessons in Oceanside, we start on the inside riding foam waves. The inside is where waves often reform after breaking first further out. The furthest out is called the outside and will generally deliver the biggest and best waves.AngleonWave

What happens when the waves reform on the inside is they are usually steeper and break faster. When I was learning and we are always learning, I would often go to the inside to ride real waves because it sharpens your skills. The outside waves may be bigger, but they might break slower and not as steep.

What is the advantage of the inside wave practice? Your pop ups have to be quicker and more accurate and you have to make moves quickly. Advanced and professionals will often take the outside wave and then catch continuing sections until they are in the last section on the inside where steep waves can offer great opportunities to rip the lip and perform tricks including aerials.

With new students that have often advanced, I often get them started on their first real waves on the inside. The waves aren’t as big and the soft top boards might not pearl riding down the faces. I also try to teach catching the wave at an angle as the foam comes over the apex, a pocket often forms right or left. I start by pushing the students out in front of the wave and towards the pocket.

With a little rear foot pressure in the direction of the breaking wave, the student can paddle in front of the pocket and then ride the angle to the beach. If they can spot the wave breaking, they can even stand and hop on their board and start paddling for the pocket. On a sand bar beach, it often takes luck to be in the right spot.

Catching the angle on the inside is great practice for beginner/intermediates to understand what they have to do on the outside.


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