Surfing Improvement by Stages


I start my Oceanside Surf Lessons teaching students to ride foam waves. These are the basics that are applied to the rest of the surfing experiences. Progress occurs in stages and inCut back slow painfully learned steps. Once you master the basics, you pretty much learn on your own.

The first three steps in learning to surf remain the same through becoming a pro. You learn how to position your body and balance on the board. Then you learn to paddle and catch waves. Finally you learn the pop up which becomes better but never changes.

The next step is to start practicing on bigger foam waves and real waves. To catch bigger foam waves you paddle to the outside and after the waves break you ride them to the beach. Its a bigger faster wave with a longer ride. At the same time, you can start trying to catch small real waves.

The difference from foam and real waves is in foam you wait for the wave to arrive and paddle just before it hits the board. In real waves you have to intercept the wave as it is arcing. Then you paddle and do your pop up. Once you can catch real waves you can start practicing the various maneuvers.

The first waves are ridden down the face. The advanced step is to catch waves at an angle so that you head into the open face or pocket as the wave rolls right or left. To catch a wave down the face and maneuver to the pocket you do a bottom turn. This same bottom turn can take you back over the top of the wave when it is going to close out.

Once you ride to the end of the pocket or anytime in between you can do a cut back which reverses your direction back into the power of the wave. Accelerating or pumping is increasing the speed of the board in the pocket so you can outrace the falling lip or do a trick or maneuver. This is a big step in advancing your surfing.

After this is mastered you can start learning to ride the board up the face of the wave in the pocket and ripping the tail over the lip. Now you are having the fun you saw in the movies. (<:)

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