Surfing is Healthy and Safe


When I teach surf lessons in Oceanside I have three goals. I want my students to be Saving Livessafe, have a good experience, and learn to ride a surf board. Having a good experience is my main goal, because a lesson is just one day, but the experience can continue for a lifetime.

It makes my day when I go in the water to catch some waves. There is something about the naturalness of riding waves, much as a dolphin must feel when they ride them. Its a playground provided by nature at no cost.

Surfers start with foam waves in relatively shallow water. It is very safe. Once they have moved to intermediate, they start riding real waves. As the waves get bigger, speed increases and the drop to the water is further and the weight of the bigger waves is greater. But one progresses slowly so that surfers are usually prepared as move forward at their own pace.

Surfing is strenuous exercise that requires stamina. It builds upper body and cardio. Staying in a long time and paddling develops sport specific stamina. I combine it with frequent bike riding to get both upper and lower body work outs.

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