Surfing is a Great Connection to Nature


When I teach surf lessons in Oceanside, so many students come from cities that have very little water recreation. Many have close proximity to mountains. If people don’t ski or don’t like the snow, they are out of touch with nature for the winter. SurfPictures6.28-0211-300x225

One of the reasons so many visitors come to Oceanside is the mild weather. So many states this year are snowed in that a temperature break is welcome. If visitors take up surfing they not only realize you can visit nature in the winter, you get a great connection to the ocean.

There is something special new students realize right away. The ocean is so powerful. It looks benign from the shore, but once you are walking out with a surf board, you know who is boss.

Then it becomes even more rewarding when you conquer the power by assimilating into it. Learning how to ride a wave on a surf board is like judo where you use the power of the opponent against them. With surfing, you use the power of nature to have fun as the wind energy coming through the wave heads to shore where it dies forever.

Surfing is comfortable in the winter with a wet suit and when the sun is shining, it is real paradise.




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