Surfing is Fun and Challenging


When I am teaching Surf Lessons in Oceanside, I always like the responses and reactions of new students to this big endeavor.  I tell them my goals are water safety, handling a board, fun, and learning to surf.

What they find is it is more difficult at the beginning than they expected, very tiring, and IMG_7507 (2)cextremely fun. I like to see their faces light up when they start getting it. On all of the early rides, I am correcting what they are doing wrong that makes them fall in the water or not ride easily.

When I give them that first thumbs up after a ride that even they know was good, they are all smiles. It is a great challenge that at least can be conquered in an hour and half instead of waiting for months. By the end of most lessons, students are paddling out, turning around to catch waves and riding them in.

Its great fun. Here we harness the ocean or Mother Nature to give us freedom of movement. No engines, electricity, or batteries to make these surf boards go fast. The first lesson opens the possibilities. As students watch the advanced surfers on the outside ripping and shredding, they just might aspire to doing that someday.


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