Surfing is a catalyst for health and fitness


When I teach Surf Lessons in Oceanside, I get a wide variety of people in various degrees of fitness. Surfing is physically very demanding in that it wants its aficionados to be flexible, strong, and have stamina. Well, what else OceansideSurfContest1.22-004-300x225is there to fitness? Good nutrition, of course.

When I am not surfing, I am riding a road bike. Right now I am riding over 200 miles a week. It is great cross training, but it also creates the conditioning I feel I need to teach 4-6 hours a day during the lesson season. Being lean is an advantage for every sport. For one, it increases your oxygen uptake or stamina. Getting lean requires disciplined eating and recovery from exercise requires lots of protein. So eating protein and salads makes you leaner, helps recovery, and leads to better health.

Surfing exercise is mostly paddling. Paddling is like swimming. Swimmers have great paddling stamina. It is also a very healthy low impact exercise. Running creates great recovery for stamina. A big paddle out uses oxygen and running is great for that type of aerobic recovery. Running also makes you lean.

Yoga is one of the better cross training regimes for surfing. I stretch and do balance poses every morning plus practice 5 pop ups every day. Students I have had that only do yoga are very good surf students. It creates the strength in upper body and core and especially the flexibility for the pop ups. It is also very good for balance.

So, the goal of becoming a better surfer can be augmented by various exercise programs that help surfing even if you can’t get to the water often.


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