Surfing is Always Managing Fear


When I am teaching Surf Lessons in Oceanside, three of my goals is to ensure people’s safety, teach students how to manage their board in the water and how to have fun. If you Barrellearn to manage yourself in the ocean, then the sport will always be fun, inspiring, and soulful.

The ocean can be intimidating. Kids who have grown up body surfing and boogie boarding are not as intimidated as people who come from inland states and have not spent time in the ocean. Waves are powerful and everyone realizes they are no real match.

One has to learn to go with the flow, relax, and surrender. When filming Chasing Mavericks, the surfers handling the star realized they were going to get hit by a big wave unexpectedly and had only this advice for the actor-relax.

It’s relax because there is nothing you can do. I classified my own mental process for getting trounced as surrendering. The waves often somersault your body, but then release it. There is nothing you can do. If you don’t learn to enjoy or accept this process, it will not be fun. I am not talking about 10′ + waves.

At ever stage of learning, the only way to advance is try  something new or bigger waves. Bigger waves are always the hidden challenge. Some reach their limits and stay out of the water on big days. That is ok. Some of us go in on huge days and don’t always ride. You can pick your level of comfort.

But surfing is like skateboarding in the sense that learning new maneuvers will result in falls. When you fall, you are not in control. We do learn how to fall properly and how to enter the water so that rarely is there an injury. We also learn which waves to ride and which ones to pass. We can learn to minimize surprises after a while.

But of course there is that learning period. We have to manage our fear until our experience starts delivering fewer surprises.


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