Is the Surfing Addiction a Bad Thing?


When I teaching Surf Lessons in Oceanside, I never know what the outcome will mean on a student’s life. I have seen so many say they are addicted. I am often involved in tuning up the performance of someone wildly in love with surfing but performing to their satisfaction.Cut back

Its always the fundamentals which begin with balance on the board, proper wave catching techniques, and then a precise pop up and riding posture. With these and practice, you could ride anything. And I think this is what starts the affair. People are blown away with the experience of riding that first wave; like King of the World excitement.

Living at the beach and being there everyday, I see the people who visit frequently. I have also been amazed at my neighbors who have taken it up and have to go as often as possible. They do it because the water feels great and its fun to be in the ocean. They do it because now they can go to the ocean with a purpose other than sitting on the sand and watching others do it. They do it because they are amazed at their own assessment of who they are.

It opens up possibilities. Here you learn something new and challenging and you can do it. You can do what you have been watching others do in movies all your life. You have always wondered about the allure of surfing culture and wondering what’s so great about it.

Then you find out and there is no stopping you. It is connection with Nature. It is self expression. It expands your limits of capability. It inspires you to have confidence in all your exploits. It is a very healthy release. It is joy.


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