How Surf Students Master Surfing


Teaching Oceanside Surf Lessons to new students begins their transition from apprentice to masters. Like any craft, the precision required of surfing cannot be under estimated. People who rent a surf board and jump in the 15062013-173002-5301ocean expecting to ride it to the beach soon find out.

There are several important techniques that get linked together and have to be mastered before a student consistently gets a ride to the beach on a foam wave. Balancing on the board is not easy in the water. There is an imaginary stringer running the length of the board in the middle and your weight has to be equal on both sides. The body stays pencil straight and the hips move to get the board perfectly level in the water.

The pop up is a precise technique with the result being the feet are in the middle of the board shoulder width apart, the body weight is equal on both legs and both feet, the upper trunk is balanced on the stringer, and the hands keep the butt centered over the stringer.

Catching a wave is more difficult than beginners suspect. You have to paddle before the wave arrives, paddle hard when it is upon you, and keep paddling until the wave has the surf board. Most students instinctively wait for the wave to hit them and pop up immediately. This doesn’t work.

If all the pieces are in place, riding the wave to the beach is then automatic. A properly postured body can easily balance the board in a straight line using the hands to compensate for motion like walking on tight rope. Once going in a straight line is mastered, the student can begin carving and riding real waves.


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