Surf Lessons Teach Necessary Fundamentals


When I teach Surf Lessons in Oceanside, I am giving students an opportunity to have fun with a new recreation. I see too many people rent a board and try it on their own with very disappointing results. Other than Best Surf Pictures 006skateboarding, I have taken lesson with other board sports, skiing and snowboarding. They are look easy on film but are not once you strap on the equipment.

With skiing and snowboarding, the beginning days were easy. The advanced practice is where lessons are handy. With surfing, you can learn the advanced techniques once you are in progress, but you need help with the basics. Such techniques as handling the board, catching waves, and popping up are loaded with small necessary steps.

Board balance begins with being far enough back on the board so it doesn’t pearl, having your body straight on the board, having weight equal on both sides of the stringer, and keeping the nose above the water when taking off. It seems simple, but if these small steps are not mastered, you will never have a chance to catch a wave and pop up.

Catching a wave is more difficult than people imagine only because our natural instincts are incorrect. Riding foam is easy but two principals are necessary that apply even to big waves. You have to paddle in front of the wave so you have momentum when the wave arrives. You have to be sure the wave has your board before you pop up. Most beginners wait for the foam wave and pop up as soon as the foam wave hits the board and they lose the wave.

Popping up is a technique that has to maintain balance in the process and wind up with the correct weight balance and posture on the board. There is not a lot of room for creativity or margins for error once up. I teach a four step process that you can also observe on the video on this sites landing page.

Once you are up, the rest is easier. It is just a matter of practicing and watching others to gain improvement.


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No trip is complete without starting surf lessons.

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