Surf Lessons Reflect How You Are Living


In my Oceanside surf lessons, I get a wide variety of ages and conditioning types of Best Surf Pictures 006students. The truth is you can learn at most any age from 6 to 70 if you have lived in the manner your birth instruction booklet told you to follow.

Humans are Natures finest creation in many ways. We have thinking brains, but we can teach our body to do things no other creature is capable of. Surfing is one of those unless you count dolphins. If you have been feeding your body natural food, exercising it for stamina, stretching it regularly, and maintaining over all body strength, you are good to go.

When you over eat, you get a big belly. I have not seen any big bellies including kids get the pop up in the first lesson. The big belly usually means there is too much fat in other parts of the body and there has probably been too few calorie burning exercises.

Extra weight requires more upper body strength and better core strength. One who diligently does push ups, works out at a gym, does crunches, stretches or takes yoga has too much pride to allow themselves to get over weight. Lean also reflects a gratitude for having a perfect vehicle to get through life.

Over weight or obesity reflects an attitude that the stresses of daily life deserve comfort food and food that is payback for what we have to endure daily. The problem with rewarding our minds in this manner is that eventually the body renders payback with sickness, pain, aches, and disease.

A person fit for surfing is probably taking care of their body regardless of life’s stresses. Surf lessons quickly reveal if you have been doing your stretching, maintaining your strength, and eating properly. Getting in shape to surf is a great measure you are respecting your body’s capabilities.


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