Surf Lessons Progress as Fast as The Student Learns


When I am teaching Surf Lessons in Oceanside, I find most students wants to rip and shred like they see on film, but once in the water, they find it might take a little practice. IMG_7085 (2)c (800x531)

Surf lessons should enable students to progress as fast as they are capable. In my Oceanside sessions, I have had students progress from learning to pop up to riding real waves. It depends on their athletic ability.

Items I focus on are water safety, handling the board in the surf, pop up technique, reading waves, catching foam waves, and finally angling on real waves. If a student can run the gamut in one lesson, they are ready to paddle to the outside waves on their next lesson.

Progress is surfing can be very slow moving. If you are an advanced surfer, one tip could make a big difference. When you are learning, there is so much to assimilate that breakthroughs are smaller and more difficult to achieve. When I started to re learn to surf on the sand bar beaches of  Oceanside, I was told it was a difficult beginners beach. I soon found out why.

Waves can move at different speeds and have differing power at different beaches. When there is a reef or seaweed or certain bathymetry, the waves might get slowed down and break slower and with more shape. On the sand bar beach, the wave has direct access to the shore and it is only slowed by the shifting sand bottom.

On a sand bar beach, there may be three different break points for waves coming into the beach. There is the outside wave where the best shape usually occurs. There is often the middle break because the interval of the wave is shorter and the wave doesn’t hit bottom until further in. Then there is the inside shore break which may be an outside wave reforming.

The beginner has to learn how to recognize which waves they can ride. They start with the inside wave riding foam and then progress to the middle or further outside wave to catch more powerful foam. When they have mastered catching, popping up and standing on the board until they reach shore, they can begin to catch waves before they break.

In the early days, there is a lot of pearling where the nose drops into the surf. As you advance, you start getting an angle on the wave so that you are running along the pocket instead of straight into the beach. This is a very stable part of the wave and where all the fun begins.

Surfing is very demanding of the body in stamina and muscles. If you are going to commit you must do work outside the water. Only paddling builds the stamina, but you can assist with great nutrition, push ups, some cardio, and lots of stretching. When you have learned to pop up (video on my landing page) you should practice at least 30 a day. I still do 30 push ups each morning and 5 practice pop ups.  You can never get too smooth.

As your instructor or friends or observations teach you, you should spend as much time as possible watching others surf, viewing videos on youtube, and reading books.  I was always told it takes a 1,000 waves to get the idea. It takes that plus plenty of extra work if you want to advance.


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