Surf Lessons in Oceanside a Short Cut to Learning



When I am in the water giving Surf Lessons in Oceanside, I see a lot of people trying to surf on the boards they rented. In a short period, my students are riding the board to the beach and the people trying to learn are falling ugly. DSCF1095

People who have watched surfers on film and even new students who have to do it by the rules soon realize surfing is not easy. It is very precise techniques laid one on top of the other.

As I advance my students from one step to the next, I do two things. I correct bad habits they want to develop. Most of our natural instincts are wrong. I stop them from abandoning the first techniques as they move on to the new ones. Their minds let go of what they learned early to pick up the new stuff.

With meticulous instruction, I usually have my students surfing in an hour. The good ones are paddling out and then turning around to catch foam waves and ride them to the beach. When many say they never thought they would get that far in one lesson, they would have been right if they had tried it on their own.

My friends who have tried surfing on their own can spend a couple months trying to learn popping up and catching waves. Catching waves is almost more difficult then popping up and if you can’t catch waves, you can’t practice your pop up or riding.

The step in between is learning how to get in front of the wave and the timing for the pop up. Most new students want to pop up as soon as the wave hits their board. In foam waves or real waves you have to be moving in advance and paddle until the wave has your board. Its elementary but the most crucial step.


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