Surf Lessons Give Students a New Sport


When I teach Surf Lessons in Oceanside, I am happy that I am starting people on a new life time adventure. Some people will do more than others, but many will have a new sport for life. Maybe they are local and will surf every week. Maybe they come from the landlocked interior and will just surf on vacations.IMG_7085 (2)c (800x531)

Surfing is one of those sports that at least is free if you are the ocean. With ski lifts tickets now at $100, that door has closed for most people. Surfing has specific muscles that have to be conditioned and cross training can help during the time students are away from the water. Doing 5 pop ups a day in the living room keeps a most important skill in tune.

I have my regular students doing 20 pop ups a day in their living room until it is really fluid. The pop up is crucial as you ride bigger waves and you want perfect placement of your body on the board to be second nature. Swimming is a great cross training sport for surfing. There are certain machines in the gym that also train arms and shoulders.

Balance is important and skate boarders and snow boarders are participating in great surf training. People become boarders where skills translate just like playing instruments or speaking languages. The more you do, the easier each one gets.

Few sports connect people to nature like surfing where there is no man made power or stadiums needed to play.



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