Surf eBook

Surf eBook

In this 80 page illustrated surf eBook is the Beginner to Advanced Surf Instruction book that can lead you from beginning to the end. In my 9 years of teaching up to 400 students a year, I have learned what all the experts take for granted when it comes to teaching beginners.

New students begin an adventure that is brand new and wondrous. After I show students the fundamentals in a dry land surf lesson, I have to spend the time in the water usually removing all the counter-intuitive ideas they have about what to do.

The fundamentals are easy to follow and precise. If they are not precisely followed, students won’t be surfing. They demand physicality. Everyone is greatly assisted if they are flexible, have some upper body strength to do push ups, and have enough stamina to practice.

Once students begin to advance, they pile  one technique on top of another until they are ripping, shredding, doing aerials and 360’s. I take you through all the steps.

You learn about waves, beaches, surf boards, how to practice and how to get in shape.

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Surf eBook

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