Surf Camps

Private Oceanside Camp Lessons for individuals, families, or friends.

Oceanside Surf Camp is taught by a professional

10 years experience teaching beginners the fundamentals of surfingsurf camps oceanside

Two one and a half hour sessions with a half hour rest in the middle

Licensed and Insured. Recommended by local surf shops, hotels, and Trip Adviser

Learn and advance quickly with so much private attention

Maximum 5 at One Time

760-696-7149  Call anytime

Days and Hours

Surf Camps are taught every day all year round

Hours available are 10:30 a.m. Noon and 2 p.m. Because they are private, you can pick your day and your hours

For example, a lesson that starts at 10:30 a.m. finishes at 2 p.m.

Subject to other existing lessons scheduled.

surf camps

Having ultimate fun

Surf Camp Prices for 3 Hour Session

One person $120

Two persons $130 (for both)

Three persons $160 (for everyone)

Four persons $200

Five persons $240

Multiple Days of Private Surf Camps

Day/Persons     1 pers    2 pers     3 pers     4 pers     5 pers*

One Day              $120       140          160         200         240

Two Days             190       220          250         320         380

Three Days          250         290         330          420        500

Four Days            330        390           450         560        660

Five Days             420        490          560         700         840

*Two instructors the first day

760-696-7149   email at markap12 at

If you have interest in shorter time period lessons, I also provide those:

1> 10:30 a.m. 2> Noon  3> 2 p.m.  4> 4:00 p.m. 

 (For two or more people, it is the total price, not each)

One Person     One Hour  $50,  1- 1/2  Hours $70, Two Hours $90

Two People       One Hour $60,  1- 1/2  Hours $80, Two Hours $100

Three People    One Hour $100,  1- 1/2 Hours $120, Two Hours $140

Four People     One Hour   ($140),  1-1/2  Hours ($160) and 2 hours ($180)

Five People      $40 each for 1 1/2 hours ($200),   2 hours ($220)

Two Days of Lessons– One Hour Each Day –$100 for one person, $120 for two persons, $180 for three persons.

Three Days of  Surf Lessons–  One Hour Each Day–  $150 for one person, $180 for Two, and $270 for 3 persons. 

Four Days of Lessons One Hour Each Day $200 for one person, $240 for two persons, $360 for three persons

Five Days of Lessons One Hour Each Day– $250 for one person, $300 for two persons, and $450 for three persons.

You can also visit my other website

3 hour surf camps in Oceanside

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