Paddling is a Surfing Obstacle


When I teach Surf Lessons in Oceanside, students find that an hour and a half of paddling is a serious work out. When the paddling power starts to diminish, so do the proper pop ups.CatchingRlWaves2 Paddling slowly fatigues the body so that it feels like over all exhaustion.

Training is one solution. Running or biking as cross training build up stamina and endurance. Paddling more is the best training, but if you can’t paddle every few days, the training benefits diminish fast.

Professional surfers surf and train on the same days. An hour and a half in the water might be followed by two hours of weights in the afternoons. And, of course, they are in the water every day.

You need to paddle to get to the outside waves and you need to paddle hard to get in front of waves. The faster you are paddling when the wave arrives, the easier it is to do a pop up. If you have to catch the wave from behind, you are probably in for a bad result.

Those without paddling power or who can’t exercise everyday because of work, or who have injuries could also consider a Wave Jet which is a surf board with jets controlled by a wireless wrist band. The Wave Jet gets you out to the wave and into the wave and then you do the rest.

The idea is more good waves, so pick your solution.

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