The One Thing That Has to Happen Learning Surfing


When I teach Surf Lessons in Oceanside, my students have a desire to surf like they see in the movies or while watching at the beach. It looks so easy until they try. Those who come from inland states have it on their bucket Best Surf Pictures 006list.

An hour lesson covers lots of techniques including positioning and balancing on the board, paddling to catch waves and popping up from the prone to standing position. There is, however, one thing that has to happen or the surfing experience will not materialize.

The pop up technique I teach has four counts with paddling, hands on the board, the push up type extension, and then bringing the front foot to the front of the board and placing it between the hands. If a student cannot get their front foot on the middle of the board and at least at mid distance between the nose and tail, they will not ride a wave.

When I have kids that weigh 70 pounds, I tell the to stand up and assume the surfing position with their feet and hands in the right position. As kids get older and heavier, they don’t have the option of crawling up the board. Over weight people usually begin by putting both knees on the board first.

There is a power to weight ratio of being able to push and snap the body into the proper position that over weight people seem to lose as they are putting on the pounds. Older people who have been desk bound and relinquished upper body and core work outs plus stretching will find it impossible to push their body up and off the board.

It is the key to the gate way of surfing put the front foot in the middle of the board half way to the nose. Many students can do it on the beach during dry land practice. It is easier in your living room or on a hard surface. In the water, the support falls away from the board and more strength is required. Practicing 20 times a day in the living room is a good way to develop the sport specific muscles required.

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