Learning to Surf Real Inside Waves


When I teach Surf Lessons in Oceanside, many beginners learn to ride real waves on the first lesson. It requires that the students have mastered the stable ride in the foam. Then they learn to paddle out and turn around to DSCF1923catch waves.

And if waves are breaking right, I introduce them to carving and catching real waves at an angle on the inside. As sets come through on the outside, they often reform on the inside. Or the swell may be such that small follow on waves form inside. When they peak meaning the foam shows at an apex and then starts to roll one side or the other, you can catch them at an angle and ride the pocket.

This might sound like jibberish to a new student, but it means that instead of riding foam waves to the beach, you are riding the pocket just like a surfer would do on the outside. Two techniques help. I show students that putting pressure on the rear foot by pressing on the toes or heels, helps the board carve in that direction.

If you get in front of the wave, which begins by me pushing it, you can then apply a little pressure and hold the rail into the pocket or just race down the front of the foam at an angle. Students love this because the board can speed up and its fun.


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