Learning to Carve in Surfing


The goal for beginners students in Oceanside Surf Lessons is to ride the foam wave straight to the beach. The OceansideSurfContest1.22-004-300x225control you learn in being able to ride straight is necessary to begin carving. In riding the wave straight, you have the right foot and body posture so that your weight is equal on both sides of the imaginary stringer that runs up the middle of the board.

Carving is creating weight on the rails so that you are not in perfect straight forward balance. I teach the new students to carve on foam waves by putting pressure on the heel or toes of the rear foot. If the student is out in front of the foam wave, the carve can turn them in front of the foam and then they can drive the wave as though they were in a pocket on the outside.

The pros like Joel Parkinson have a solid upper body posture on bent knees and achieve both accelerati0n in the pocket and carving up the face by turning first the eyes, then head, shoulders, arms and hands like on a pivot in the direction he wants to travel. This weight shift transfers through the body to the rails of the surfboard.

The Red Bull science team recently found that pros place a little more weight on the back foot in their maneuvers. The degree of carve is controlled by the amount of body turn and toe and heel pressure. The faster the board is traveling, the easier it is to carve. This is the reason advanced surfers will begin with accelerating a few pumps and then repeat after each maneuver.

It is easiest to learn by first hearing a description, then watching and seeing it in action and then trying to imitate the  maneuvers. Once you feel it, you can then see it better in others. Practice makes perfect.


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