Learn To Surf Next Time You Are on Vacation


One big item on vacationers bucket list is they want to learn to surf. Most of my new students in Oceanside surf lessons are vacationers.

Students learn to surf

Students learn to surf in a lesson

The great thing about surfing is anyone can learn from ages of 7 to 77. How fast students progress is personal and often a function of how active they are in physical activities.

Physical Abilities that Help Students Learn to Surf

There are three attributes that help students learn to surf that can be built before or after their first lessons. Students need flexibility. One good test is touching the palms of your hands on the ground without bending your knees.

Students should have some upper body strength. Students should be able to do at least a few man’s push ups. This is a conditioning that can be built easily with practice.

Finally, students enjoy surfing and improve faster if they have some aerobic conditioning. When you want to learn to surf, the more time you can spend in the water, paddling to catch rides, the more you can learn in one session and the more days in a row you can learn. Learn a little more about surf conditioning

Surfing Fundamentals

There are three basic skills or techniques surfers learn from beginner to expert. First, students need to paddle the board keeping it balanced and heading straight after the wave hits the board from behind. It often takes a while to get the balance while lying down.

The second technique is catching waves and you improve on this for years if not all your life. At the beginning of lessons instructors usually push students until they can learn to stand on the board and then let them start catching their own waves.

The third technique is getting from the lying down position to the standing position on the surf board. This is the athletic part that requires flexibility, upper body strength, and a little athleticism. Stamina is needed to practice for more than an hour at a time.

Learn to Surf

Surfing is a full body sport and there are more little techniques involved than new students realize before they begin. There are several ways to prepare and to practice before and after a lesson. Students can develop the physicality required. Students can read books about how to surf. There are free videos to get the visual picture of the balance required on the surf board. If students live near the beach, they can watch the advanced surfers to get a feel for timing and practices.

It is a life time adventure waiting for everyone so the next time you are on vacation at the beach, learn to surf.


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