Learn to Surf in Oceanside


When I teach Surf Lessons in Oceanside to new students, their lifetime adventure begins. Surfing is not easy. It is demanding physically and it is a new experience for the brain. When we learn to ride a bike we start with training wheels. With surfing we start with the expert technique because it is the only one that creates a good surfer. It is also the only way to get up on the board consistently.

Beginners can learn the struggles but also see advanced surfers mastering the sport. Oceanside offers great beaches for surfers from beginner to LessonsDoll 007advanced. The beginners have the advantage of good foam waves that break outside and roll for a long time to the beach. Beginners can have long rides.

If students have performed well in riding foam waves and handling their boards in the surf on the first or second lesson, I then paddle out with them to the outside to ride bigger foam waves and get longer rides.

At this point, I might also try to introduce them to catching real waves at an angle. This would be very advanced in such a short time and I have only had a few students who could progress this fast.

More important is that students become comfortable in the water and in handling the waves. Catching waves is a challenge all the time you are a surfer. Learning how to get in position, paddle, and time them is a life long learning experience, but can start on the first day.

If students want to get a jump on lessons, they should practice the pop up which I have in a video on my landing page. I have my regular students practice it 25 times a day for weeks or months. The more you practice, the quicker you advance. As waves get bigger, they get faster and the pop up has to be better.

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