Learn to Catch Real Surfing Waves on the Inside


When I am teaching Surf Lessons in Oceanside to new students, I start them riding foam. In a two hour lesson, I can them to riding real waves on the inside. It takes the right day, but inside real waves can be fun because they DSCF1921are often clean, meaning they are breaking right or left.

New students are often hesitant about going out too far where the waves break big. Their second advancement after a lesson is to go out farther and ride bigger foam waves to practice handling their board, feeling more speed, and getting longer rides. I have also shown them how to carve the board, so they can practice that on the way in.

Going outside for real waves would be too advanced at this stage. The waves are bigger and they have to compete with the line up. Inside waves often occur intermittently with the foam waves. You just have to see them form. At the beginning, I help them spot them and push them into the real waves. They have to learn to paddle and then pop up going down the face.

The next step is letting them stand up waiting for a wave with the board prepared and when they see one forming, jump on their board and paddle in front of it. You paddle until the wave has you and then you pop up. If you combine the pop up and then the carving, you could run down the pocket on an inside wave.

The third step would be to paddle and watch for a wave forming and then paddle to intercept it at the right spot. This is certainly an intermediate/advanced step.


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