What Do You Learn in a Series of Surf Lessons


When I teach Surf Lessons in Oceanside, I advance students as fast as they are able. Some can go from beginner to learning advanced techniques in one lesson. Some have trouble with the fundamentals and cannot advance as fast in one lesson.BottomTurn

The fundamentals have to be precise and are numerous. There is nothing casual about any of the steps. A student first learns to balance the board in the water while lying prone and keeping it balanced as they paddle to catch a wave. The second part is keeping the nose from dropping into the water by keeping ones head and chest high.

The pop up is a series of four counts that takes the student from prone to standing in the perfect posture. This posture does not allow much fudging and students often have instincts that have to be corrected. Riding the board to the beach is a good accomplishment for one lesson.

I also teach students how to catch their own waves. This is more difficult than it seems as timing is very crucial. The student has to be in front of the wave before they can pop up and many students want to pop as soon as the wave hits their board.

Then students learn to turn around and catch waves. Waves come every 5 seconds and this is not easy. Students also learn to judge each wave and decide what they have to do with it; over it, under, ride it, or bail. Students can begin carving by putting pressure on their back toes or heels while riding the foam to the beach.

Finally we get to riding real waves by taking them at an angle. If the student has the pop up and can get in front of the waves, this is not too difficult. The student catches the wave in front of the apex, where the foam comes over first, and drives the wave at an angle to the beach.

Yes, all this can be learned in one lesson or in a series.


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