Why Kids Should Learn to Surf


When I am teaching surf lessons in Oceanside, I love getting kids started surfing. It is a sport that will last them their life time and can be enjoyed on most any  beach in the world, not to mention a lot of lakes and rivers. IMG_7539 (2)c

When I was a kid, I developed a connection with the mountains that inspired me my whole life. I knew that God existed just because I could see the perfection in the natural order where nothing was needed that was not already there. Man belongs in that order as an equal and connected to all things.

Surfing is first a great connection to the ocean and therefore nature. Secondly, it is one activity where a person decides how they are going to do all by themselves. No one surfs for the student and you cannot buy talent. You can instruct on techniques, but the performance is up to the individual.

In a sense, it is a test to see what you are made of. I see boys, girls, women, and men all pump their hands with pride when they get that first ride into the beach. It is an accomplishment and it is personal. One should feel the pride because it is not only man against nature, it is man with nature.

Learning how to surf requires talent, discipline and commitment. These are all characteristics that will serve a person their whole life. As you start building successes early on, they add to your confidence that you can always taste success if you stick to same principals and apply yourself.

Sports give men and women discipline and self confidence.

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