Keep Setting Goals for Surfing


When I teach Surf Lessons in Oceanside, our first goal is to ride the board to the beach. Most students reach this goal but it is just the beginning in surfing. What they realize is that surfing is very physically demanding and that techniques have to be perfected. 6a00d83451cb8069e2013485a4c933970c

Popping up on the surfboard riding foam waves does not pose any threats. When you start moving to real waves and wanting to ride larger waves, the pop up is crucial to avoid being worked over by falling. I encourage my students to practice 25 a day in their living rooms for months. The pop up can never be too smooth.

To surf better, you have to have longer sessions which for most people means going in the water several times a week or cross training for fitness. One of the best conditioned students I ever had was a man in his 40’s who worked out at lunch every day at the gym. You need strength and stamina.

I always set a goal before I go in the water on what I want to work on that day. I might want to improve my take off by getting in front of waves or work on the bottom turn, or work on the accelerating move. Off time, I might watch video and read books or posts by experts. I want to get the visualization of my next step then put it to practice in the water. I also like to watch surfers at my beach and look for that technique I want to improve.

There is no limit to what you can achieve in surfing so there is no reason not to set bigger goals.



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