What is Being Good at Surfing?


When I teach Surf Lessons in Oceanside, I begin with the basics necessary to have someone surfing by the end of the lesson. How good that surfer becomes depends on the 15062013-173002-5301amount of times or time they spend in the water.

The basics are crucial for beginner to advanced because they are the same basics for everyone. Students learn to balance on the board, catch waves, and do a pop up taking them from the prone to correct standing posture.

As students advance, waves become more difficult to time in catching them. As students progress, the pop up has to become smooth, fast, and accurate. Advanced surfers just assume the pop up because it is built into muscle memory and all the right muscles are developed.

Catching waves is an art that some do better than others. It reaches its peak when a surfer can catch a good sized wave on a short board right under the lip and with little effort, drop down the face of the wave. But the experts will tell you on the really big waves, the drop in is everything.

Once surfers can catch waves they start working on maneuvers and tricks. The basic maneuvers are a bottom turn at the bottom of the face to turn into the pocket. A cut back that reverses the boards direction back toward the power of the wave. A bottom turn from the bottom of the wave to the top to escape a close out or perform a trick. And then accelerating in the pocket to outrun the lip or get the speed to do a maneuver.

A surfer can get to all these maneuvers within a few years of beginning with frequent visits to the water. And a surfer can spend the rest of their lives perfecting all the maneuvers after catching a wide variety of waves.


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