Getting Fit for Surf Lessons and Surfing


Most students who take my Oceanside Surf Lessons are fit enough to learn and complete an hour lesson. To be successful in learning to surf in one lesson, there are a few necessities; Being flexible, sufficient power to weight, Best Surf Pictures 006not over weight, and a little athleticism.

Minimum flexibility would be touching the ground with your palms and knees barely bent. Tightness occurs in quadriceps, buttocks, and lower back. Yoga is the great cure and so are the stretches you see runners execute. Power to weight is being able to push your body up off the board in the water. Practicing the pop ups on the landing page video in your living room is good practice.

A large gut is an indication students have put on weight and have not been exercising. They point to the same thing. You have to do a push up on the board in the water and bring a foot forward so the knee is on the chest with the foot in between the hands. You need flexibility and the strength to get your body off the board.

I recently had a yoga instructor that was lean and flexible. She should have been a perfect student as were my past yoga students who tried surfing. She just lacked the athleticism to do the right movements and really nail it. I was surprised because she had the exact prerequisites I would request.

Athleticism works in any sport. It is the body’s ability to listen to directions and follow them with a little agility and above average achievement. Some people have acquired it with lots of sports activity and of course we say some are born with it.


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