The Fun of Early Morning Surfing


Lately I have been getting out at 7 a.m. which is just before the sun shows itself in the sky. There are lots of f7518edfddf2b411d8295cf37ec7f942Oceanside Surfers in the water before 7 and then they really start piling in at about 7:30 a.m. There is sort of a special quiet in the morning on the ocean before the world wakes up.

Right now the air and water is still warm and many of the early surfers are without wet suits. A lot of people are in early because they want to surf before work. I feel its like being given a ticket to an auto show the day before the general public is allowed in.

There is an extra communion with Nature first thing in the morning. As the sun breaks through the clouds you feel like you are at a special event. Its also fun because, at this time I haven’t done anything else in my day. When I go out at 10 a.m., I have already had coffee, breakfast, and done my writing. When I surf first and return to the above, I feel that my day has already been made.

Try it.


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