Flexibility and Strength Help With Learning to Surf


When I teach new students to surf in Oceanside, the major hold backs have to do with too much time behind a desk for adults or not getting to the DSCF1185gym. The pop up requires going from a prone position on the surf board to placing your front foot in between your hands while in a push up position. Try doing it in your living room. You can also view my pop up video on the landing page of this site.

If you have not been stretching or have a tight lower back, you will not be able to get your foot to your hands. The problem then results in your only standing at the back of the surf board, bringing up the nose of the board and falling off the back.

Whereas, most students can do the pop up on the beach, where the sand supports the board, doing it in the water is different. Without the support, you rely on your upper body pushing your body off the board and even springing it upward. Then the core muscles have to bring the front leg forward to where your knee touches your chest.

Students that have the easiest time or yoga students, triathletes, swimmers, runners, bikers, and kids that are active. The more you use your body in a variety of exercises the looser and more coordinated you become. Skateboarders and snowboarders do well after I change their postures a little for surfing.

Many adults who try to surf commit to getting in better condition. Being in good condition and flexible helps us in everything in life and improves the quality of our life style, so why not take the surfing test.


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