The First Three Techniques in Surf Lessons


When I teach Surf Lessons in Oceanside, there are three basic techniques students have to learn to be riding the board to the beach. Students have to learn positioning on the board, popping up, and catching waves. Each one is more difficult than most students anticipate.Ashley2.410

Balance on the board is crucial or students will never catch a wave. On the beach it is easy, but in the water the board is a different creature. Once a wave is pushing the board, keeping the nose above the water and keeping the nose level is the first step.

The pop up is a four count in my lessons of paddle, hands on the board as though doing a man’s push up, an extension of the arms as the front foot comes up to be placed between the hands. This requires flexibility and good weight to power ratio. People who are over weight have often stopped doing push ups and crunches.

The in between step is catching the foam wave for new students. You have to paddle in front of the wave, paddle hard when it hits the board and keep paddling until the board takes off. Then you execute counts two, three, and four of the pop up.

Arriving at the proper stand up position with the shoulders facing forward and the front foot in the middle of the board both right to left and front to back allows the student to ride to the beach.


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