Father and son surf lessons in Oceanside


It is so much fun when families learn to surf together in my Oceanside surf lessons. Everyone gets lots of laughs. I have had grand parents with grand children, siblings, mother with children IMG_7539 (2)cand fathers with children.

It is pretty easy to teach everyone together once the children are past a certain age or size. When it doesn’t work is when children are under 9 years old or very small where they cannot handle themselves in the shore break. Then for safety and utility reasons I have to handle them one on one.

The other factor in teaching children is how comfortable they are in the ocean. The surf board can be intimidating as they feel the speed and experience their lack of control of direction and maybe keeping it upright. If children are comfortable and don’t panic when the board turns over and they are under water, they can survive the lesson. Boogie boarding is often a great start as well as just playing in the waves and getting knocked down a few times.

If children are under 7 they don’t usually last more than a half hour. In these lessons, I can teach the children first and parents second. Or I can teach older siblings and adults first and then give young children 20 minutes after the lesson. Young ones don’t follow real surfing techniques in any case. They just stand up any way they can and because they are so light on an 8′ surf board, they are successful. The main point with young and small children is to be sure they have a safe and fun experience.


Surf Lessons in Oceanside

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