Even One Surf Lesson Connects People to Nature


When I teach Surf Lessons in Oceanside, I marvel at how people who are just learning already find it fun and amazing. Handling a surf board in the ocean is much different than just walking in to get wet. The resistance of the board allows you to feel the power of the ocean. Dophin at sunset

People don’t just get intimidated with 10′ waves. They are intimidated riding foam waves to the beach. You do take a big flop you are not used to, but it is not death defying. And yet people know they are often out of their element trying something that is not simple.

When students get their first ride, they are definitely fist pumping. Sometimes if an adult gets only one stand up ride their whole lesson, they are filled with triumphant joy. You don’t get the same thrill from driving your car to the market. There is something much different about an accomplishment that harbors natural energy.

Getting a ride on a real wave is like playing with the dolphins. They often come into shore to ride waves. They like to ride them next to surfers although we don’t see this much in Oceanside. A wave is a true miracle of Nature. It is sun energy converted to wind energy that is absorbed by the ocean and releases at the shore in a wave. It is sun energy.

Even though students don’t think of this data, they know something special is happening.


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No trip is complete without starting surf lessons.

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