Catching Surfing Waves Like a Pro


When I teach Oceanside Surf Lessons to beginners, we begin on foam waves. Too many beginners are taken by their friends outside and told to catch real waves. What the friends have forgotten is it takes time to learn to CatchingRlWaves2balance on the board and practice to avoid pearling. Popping up in foam on a moving board also takes some practice.

The good thing about the outcome of lessons is you have learned to get in front of foam waves and pop up into a good posture and ride straight to the beach. The one technique students have to keep practicing is the pop up. If you can’t get to the beach several times a week, then you have to do them daily in your living room. The practice creates great muscle memory and smooth performance.

It is important to visit the beach often when learning to ride real waves because it takes courage. Courage comes from continuously catching waves until you are confident you can do it on every wave. Then you can start riding bigger waves. On a sand bar beach like Oceanside, the waves are often fast as they close out most of the time.

The most difficult part for advancing surfers it to get in front of the wave and let it curl behind you as opposed to trying to paddle over the top. Paddling over the top results in catching it too late and looking down at a steep breaking wave. It is important to get in front paddling hard and as the wave comes up behind you, give a couple strong strokes and maybe kick to get into the wave face.

If you watch surfers who catch waves and those who don’t, you will see those catching waves are in front and already going down the face and headed for the pocket as the lip breaks. Those not catching waves are usually paddling and then abandoning the waves.  There is a real clear difference.


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