Can You Learn to Surf After 40?


Teaching surf lessons in Oceanside has given me experience with kids and seniors. Each age group comes with some obstacles. Family Pictures 005With kids it is sometimes intimidation with the ocean. With adults it is often being over weight and loss of flexibility.

Surfing is age less. You can learn in your 60’s and I haven’t had any 70+ students, but it is possible. It depends on how well you have maintained appropriate body weight, strength, and especially flexibility. Gymnast students and swimmers not to mention tri-athletes are generally at the top of the class.

Big bellies are generally at the bottom of the class. Surfing is one of the more difficult sports to learn. It takes a commitment to endure the rough housing in which Mother Nature engages in the ocean. It requires the slow build up of sport specific muscles and techniques. It is difficult to learn as a week end warrior.

For anyone that fits in the under performing class, I suggest a big surf board. It minimizes many of the difficulties. Big boards like 10’+ give a lot of volume. The advantage is they catch waves easily and don’t tip over easily when the student hasn’t perfected their techniques. They ride more stable. You will have more fun.

I use 8′ soft top boards which are excellent for people in shape and under 200 pounds. Larger new students should rent the 9′ board that is available for it will give a little more stability.

My first goal is to make students comfortable in the ocean and see they have a good time. Most students have a good time even if they didn’t pop up because they learned how to catch waves and accepted their limitations until they practice more.

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