Can Beginners Surf in the First Lesson?


Absolutely. When I teach Surf Lessons in Oceanside, I get people in all types of physical condition. People don’t realize how physically demanding surfing is. After two hours, most people are exhausted, but thrilled at DSCF1224having had the adventure of their lives.

On one day, I had two big groups from out of state. One group was made up of teens who were not used to physical exercise. They struggled with the fundamentals. A second group was a family of 5 from ages of 9 to the dad who was 53. They all got up on the boards immediately and rode perfectly for their two hour session.

The second group were all lean and used to skiing and snowboarding. They were fit athletes. By the end of their session I had them carving the waves and shooting down the foam. Athletic people take directions better and can translate them to their body. Just like people who know languages find them easier to learn as they go.

The pop up takes the body from the prone to standing position in one quick movement to keep the board balanced. I have a video on the bottom of the landing page that demonstrates it. I have my regular students practicing 25 times a day in their living room. It builds the sport specific muscles and memory to perform on the board.

Flexibility is very important. A surfer should easily put their palms on the floor without bending their knees. Stiffness is usually in the hamstrings, buttocks, and lower back. Yoga is the best cure. Students also need the upper body strength to push their weight off the board. A person who cannot do a man’s push up needs practice. The core is important for the thrust of the pop up and crunches and planks can improve core strength.

Just as people have a wide range of conditioning, so do people have a wide range of success learning to surf.


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