Beginner Surfers Count to Master the Pop Up


After having taught so many Surf Lessons in Oceanside, I have found one trick beginner surfers say works for Best Surf Pictures 006them. When they do a pop up, which is going from prone to standing position, they count the steps out loud. My count is one for paddling, two for hands flat on the board next to the chest, three is full push up extension, and four is putting the front foot between the hands.

When it is done smoothly and to the count, beginners are able to get in the proper position. The proper position is front foot angled slightly forward, the back foot flat on the board perpendicular to the rails, and the upper body facing the beach.

I can always tell when the students don’t count because their pop up is out of rhythm and they fall off the board. One of the only things I might want a student to think other than the count is putting the front foot between the hands. This ensures that the body is pointing toward the beach with both shoulders facing the beach and not aligned along the length of the board.

A second important secret is maintaining a low center of gravity stance with the knees bent and flexible. This allows the surfer to handle the action occurring under the board and balance to offset it. Students should not be moving the hands to wipe their face or adjust their clothing on the way in. This causes them to lose their balance.

Counting becomes more of an issue once I stop pushing the students on their board and make them catch their own waves. They have so much going on in their mind, they go immediately to step three and their rhythm and then their posture on the board is off.


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